Richfield Nature Area Poetry Walk


Please visit our Submittable site here for all the guidelines to submit. League membership is required to enter. Stop by our membership page here to sign up today!

We are so excited to join with Richfield Arts Commission and The Cornerstone Group to make this a reality.

The Mississippi Valley Nature Poetry Walk is a walking trail sign project and an annual community poetry contest and exhibit. Winning poems are displayed along the walking trail at Richfield Lake Park for two years. There are ten poem signs and half will be replaced each year.

The Nature Area Poetry Walk is the brainchild of the Mississippi Valley Poets and Writers organization, which is a Twin Cities Metro area chapter of the League of Minnesota Poets. The Mankato Poetry walk was our inspiration and model for this project. Many thanks to our Sponsors: The Cornerstone Group, League of Minnesota Poets, Richfield Arts Commission and Thrivent bank. Would you like to financially support this endeavor?

Congratulations to our 2021 Richfield Poetry Walk Winners!

Thank you to all who participated! Here are the winners and links to their poems. Winning poems will be place on signs at the Richfield Nature Preserve. Stay tuned for more announcements on when they will be in place.

You can read the poems at the links below. Each poem has been translated into Spanish and has a record attached as well. These poems were translated by Maria Lander Cabrere and Eileen LaFontaine. They were narrated by Maggie Gagliardi and Alejandra Camacho.

Nature Poetry Walk Winners – 2021

Judged by Doug Wilhide

Morgan Grace Willow — Counting Swallows

Nancy Cook — Epiphany

Susan Coultrap-McQuin — Prairie Promise

Julie Martin — Helianthus

Steven Vogel — Spring

Laura Kozy Lanik — Earth Dance

Dave Anderson — Pavement

Lisa Higgs — Mother

Jennifer Hernandez — March Madness

Doug Wilhide — By the river

The Richfield Nature Area Poetry Walk has been made possible by the following sponsors: