Life is

the spaces between

the leaves. Experience is

the light that sneaks through

and touches the tangible

growth, the real, the is.

Maybe a water bead glints,

maybe fragrance rises,

maybe a shadow of buttery color

deepens into gold.

Faith is

a mote, swift and sudden

movement in the viewer’s eyes,

recognizing something,

a wish, a truth,

the possibility of knowing.



La vida es

los espacios entre

las hojas. La experiencia es

la luz que se cuela

y toca el tangible

crecimiento, lo real, el estar.

Tal vez una gota de agua brilla

tal vez la fragancia se eleva,

tal vez una sombra de color a mantequilla

se profundiza en oro.

La fe es

un movimiento como una mota,

rápido y repentino

en los ojos del espectador,

reconociendo algo,

un deseo, una verdad,

la posibilidad de conocer.


~ These poems were translated by Maria Lander Cabrere and Eileen LaFontaine. They were narrated by Maggie Gagliardi and Alejandra Camacho.


Nancy Cook is a writer and teaching artist with a wanderlust. She serves as flash fiction editor for Kallisto Gaia Press and also runs “The Witness Project,” a program of free community writing workshops in Minneapolis designed to enable creative work by underrepresented voices.