Your $25 annual membership in the League of Minnesota Poets grants you:

  • Submit your work to, and receive a copy of, our annual poetry magazine, AGATES.
  • Membership in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS): Dues must be paid by March 10th for this benefit
  • Reduced rates to attend our annual conferences, held in April and October.
  • Participation in our two annual poetry retreats (winter and summer).
  • Reduced rates for participating in our annual contest as well as the National Federation of State Poetry Societies contest.
  • Opportunities to meet and share work with other poets.
  • Opportunity to sell your books at events.

If you are interested in membership but the cost presents a financial barrier, please contact us for reduced cost or donated memberships.

Dues paid after January 1st will give entitle member to full benefits available for the remainder of the calendar year. Please submit membership and dues by March 1st for membership in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Dues paid after October 31st will be applied toward membership for the following calendar year.

If you prefer to send a check, click the PRINTABLE FORM button.