The wind is in love with you.

Stand here and let it blush,

whisper about the crush

it has always had on you,

lift and shiver your hair,

touch the back of your neck.


Let yourself shiver with longing

for the breeze you never knew

so loved you: your breath,

so alike, so different from, its own.




por el viento


El viento está enamorado de ti.

párate aquí y déjate sonrojizar.

Suspira acerca del cariño

que siempre te ha tenido,

levanta el pelo y estremécete,

acaríciate la nuca.


Déjate sentir el añoro

de la brisa que nunca sabías

que te amaba tanto, tu aliento,

tan similar, tan diferente de su propio.



Margit Berman is a writer, activist, psychologist & faculty at Augsburg University, the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and artistic director of Jackson Street Arts in St. Paul. Her poetry is published in If Poetry Magazine, in The Quarry at Split This Rock, in Foreign Policy in Focus, and Try to Have Your Writing Make Sense.

*Translated by Sarah Degner Riveros