For Autumn


Like the annual thrill

of shedding chlorophyll,


you’ll never again be green,

your identity unseen.


The former limbs to cling to,

no longer a part of you.


Now, you are so colorful

a complete original.


Each day a new leaf,

poised, ready to leap



Para el otoño


Como la emoción anual

de perder la clorofila,


jamás volverás a ser verde,

tu identidad no vista.


las ramas anteriores para agarrarse

ya no forman parte de ti.


Ahora eres tan colorado

y completamente original.


Cada día una hoja nueva,

posada, lista para saltar



Murray McCartan is a League of Minnesota Poets member and a High School Special Education Instructor. She’d like to find time to solve the mysteries of her golf swing or take a nap.  Poetry credits include: Sunlight Press, Main Channel Voices, Poems of Hope and Reassurance, Studio One, and Offerings.

*Translated by Sarah Degner Riveros