On Scenic ZOOM and Gather.Town

As we are virtual, there is no cost to the Blizzard retreat. We would encourage a suggested donation of $20 to support the League and our effort to organize events such as the Blizzard Writers’ Poetry Retreat.

WHEN: 4th weekend of January.  Come Friday, January 28th The Retreat and join us through the weekend until Sunday, January 30, 2022. The full schedule of programs and links for ZOOM and Gather.Town will be sent out as we get things finalized.

WHERE:  VIRTUALLY! Join from the comfort of your own home, or any other place with wifi.

WHO:  You!  This retreat is for all LOMP Members who are interested in poetry.  (Not a member?  You can join LOMP by paying dues before the retreat. Go to:  https://www.mnpoets.org/membership/)

COST:  Suggested donation $20. 

WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE RETREAT:  Bring a poetry program that is at least half an hour in length.  The program can be anything that tickles your fancy–a physical activity that will stimulate writing; a writing workshop; a favorite author; a new form; a lecture; a special taped program that you want to lead a discussion on…the possibilities are endless.