36th Annual Poetry Contest Results

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  1. John Calvin Rezmerski Memorial Grand Prize: Judged byJulie Cummings

1st place-I AM A SALMON, I AM NOT A SALMON—Jean Prokott, Rochester, MN

2nd place-Skinny Genes—Jeanette Marie Cox, Ely, MN

3rd-place- In Media Res—Micki Blenkush, St. Cloud, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-For Ian—Lorraine Jeffery-Orem, UT

2nd-Train Wreck—Peter Stein- Minneapolis, MN

3rd-Love/Labor/Lost—Jeanette Marie Cox -Ely, MN  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st- UP FRONT ABOUT ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM—Susan Stevens Chambers, Mankato, MN

2nd- WEDDING RECEPTION—Meredith R. Cook, Blue Earth, MN

3rd-I Cannot Say I Did Not—Micki Blenkush, St. Cloud, MN

4th- On nights like this—Peter Stein, Minneapolis, MN

  1. THE MOCCASIN AWARD: Judged by —Budd Powell Mahan

1st place- Fair Trade—Kathleen Wedl, Edina, MN

2nd place- ODE TO STOPPING—Jean Prokott, Rochester, MN

3rd place- Prayer on the CuspAnn Glumac, Duluth, MN   

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st- Descent—Jan Chronister, Maple, WI

2nd- Nature’s Poetry—LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Blair, OK

3rd- Sometimes—Teri Joyce, Rochester, MN   

(Awards of Merit)

1st- STILL AROUND—Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler, Two Harbors, MN

2nd- Heart thrown open—Patti Ruskey, Mankato, MN

3rd- A Poet’s Retreat—Von S. Bourland, Happy, TX

4th-  Meditation—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

  1. STONE GATHERING AWARD: Judged by —Laurence W. Thomas

1st place-The Feeder Dance for Cardinals—Lorraine Jeffery, Orem, UT

2nd place-The True Meaning of Travel—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN

3rd place-Stories from the Lake District—Ann Glumac, Duluth, MN  

(Honorable Mentions)  

1st-Inisbofin Island, County Galway, Ireland—Beth Spencer, Eden Prairie, MN

2nd-Interlude—Deborah Goschy, Eagle Lake, MN

3rd-Cruising—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-When the Tour Bus Breaks—Nancy Simmonds, Ft. Wayne, IN

2nd-FINDING—Walter Ralston, Sun City West, AZ

3rd-The Coconut—Janice L. Freytag, Souderton, PA

4th- Big Shot—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

  1. STORY PORTAGE AWARD: Judged by — Lynda La Rocca 

1st place-PHILOSO-TREE—Jean Prokott, Rochester, MN

2nd place-Tree Therapy—Sandra Kacher, Burnsville, MN

3rd place- What the Trees Said—Ann Glumac, Duluth, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-on distant hills there stands a lonely pine—Nancy Simmonds, Ft Wayne, IN

2nd-The Maple Tree—Jeanette Marie Cox, Ely, MN

3rd- COUNT DOWN—Lucille Morgan Wilson, Des Moines, IA

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-CENOTAPH—Susan Stevens Chambers, Mankato, MN

2nd-The Fir Tree—Mary Jo Robinson-Jamison, St. Paul, MN

3rd-Crescent Lake Ridge Trail—Ellen Lager, Robbinsdale, MN

4th- TREES OF WINTER NIGHT—Dan Dietrich, Red Wing, MN

  1. STEVENS FAMILY AWARD: Judged by — John Foster

1st place-Soft-lined Box—Lorraine Jeffery, Orem, UT

2nd place-Where The Heart Is—Lynda LaRocca, Salida, CO

3rd place- Just Like Mom—Janice S. Fuller, Webster, WI

(Honorable Mentions)  

1st-Beside You—Micki Blenkush, St. Cloud, MN

2nd-about the music By: Charles Patterson Curry, Apple Valley, MN

3rd-REQUEST TO THE BUYER—Susan Stevens Chambers, Mankato, MN  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-As You Marry—Ann Glumac From: Duluth, MN

2nd-Knowing Them—Victor Klimoski, St. Paul, MN

3rd-Figure Skater—Murray McCartan, Richfield, MN

4th-Panning For Staurolites—Susan Budig, St. Louis Park, MN  


1st place-FARM HOME TRANSFORMATION— Susan Stevens Chamber, Mankato, MN

2nd place-The Dream of a Farmer —Susan Budig, St. Louis Park, MN

3rd place-Dairy Farmer— Judith Feenstra From: Maple Lake, MN  

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-Winter Farm— Linda White, Maplewood, MN

2nd-THE SWEET MEMORY OF LOAM— Mary Rudbeck Stanko, London ON Canada

3rd- Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time— Barbara Blanks, Garland TX  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Out of Service— Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

2nd-Counting Red-Winged Blackbirds—Nancy Simmonds, Ft. Wayne, IN

3rd- Penance Bread— Jenna Pashley Smith, Richmond, TX

4th- THE SECOND BREAKFAST 1924— Patrick Cabello Hansel, Minneapolis, MN

  1. BLIZZARD WRITERS AWARD: Judged—Amy Wray Irish

1st place-Six Swans— Jenna Pashley, Richmond, TX

2nd place- LESSON FROM THESEUS— Lucille Morgan Wilson, Des Moines, IA

3rd place-The Omissions of Red Riding Hood and Her Grandma— LaVerne Spencer McCarthy, Blair, OK

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-The Curse of the Fire Fairy— Kate Roen, Eveleth, MN

2nd-The Goddess Chaos Reigns (a Tritina) — Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

3rd- Musings of Mars, God of War— Beth Staas, Oak Brook, IL

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Second Pig— Susan McMillan, Rochester, MN

2nd-THE MAGICIAN— Susan Stevens Chambers, Mankato, MN

3rd- Godfather Death’s Lament—Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN

4th-The Yellow Coyote and White-Crested Woman, Judith Feenstra, Maple Lake, MN  

  1. Woodtick Poets Award: Judged byJiwon Choi

1st place-Bottle of Scotch-Should We Tell Him? —Lucy Tyrell, Bayfield, WI

2nd place-SONNET FOR ANOTHER YEAR—Jean Prokott, Rochester, MN

3rd place- To My Parents and to My Future Self—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN  


(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-Practicum—Patti Ruskey, Mankato, MN

2nd- Farmlands in the Looking Glass —Roger Brezina, New Prague, MN

3rd- Painter—John Hamel, Rochester, MN  

(Awards of Merit)   1st-A Very Long Name—Janice L Freytag From: Souderton, PA

2nd- Toes—Mary Jo Robinson-Jamison, St. Paul, MN

3rd- Seventy—Mary Rudbeck Stanko, London, ON Canada

4th- Confetti Celebrations—Nancy Simmonds, Ft Wayne, IN  

  1. Mississippi Valley Poets & Writers: Judged byDavid Midkiff

1st place- Ablutions—June Blumenson, Minneapolis, MN

2nd place-Let it be so, 2019— Suzanne Swanson, St. Paul, MN

3rd place-Each Day the Hands Reach Up—Laura L Hansen, Little Falls, MN  

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-AND THE PHONE HAD A ROTARY DIAL—C.G. Thompson, Greenville, NC

2nd-Clocking Out—Alan Perry, Maple Grove, MN

3rd- Write a poem—Sara Dovre Wundali, St. Paul, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Afternoon Heavy with the Closeness of Rain—Brooks Carver, Canton, IL

2nd-GUERILLA WARFARE, BODY-STYLE— Meredith R. Cook From: Blue Earth, MN

3rd-WOMEN’S WORK—Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN

4th-A Working Routine—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL  

  1. Southern Minnesota Poets Society : Judged by—Shawn Pavey

1st place-Breakfast After the Funeral—Jane Hufford Downes, Hopkins, MN

2nd place-The Gospel Truth—Jeanette Marie Cox, Ely, MN

3rd place- Elegy for the Girl in the Photo—Micki Blenkush, St Cloud, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-The House Under I-94—Laura L Hansen, Little Falls, MN

2nd-The Little Gold Moth That Died in the Palm of My Hand—Julianza Shavin, Fountain, CO

3rd- The Waczieleski Girls—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st- The Ten O-clock News—Shirley E Franklin, Arden Hills, MN

2nd- A Wedding in 1975—Deborah Goschy, Eagle Lake, MN

3rd- Special Delivery—Steven Leitch, West Jordan, UT

4th- Blue Moon Memory—P.S. Duffy, Rochester, MN  


  1. John & Helen Pappas Memorial: Judged byLucille Morgan Wilson

1st place-THE DNA OF MARY MCKINNEN—Mary Rudbeck Stanko, London ON Canada

2nd place-  Wheels—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

3rd place-The Trance Dancer—Jeanette Marie Cox, Ely, MN  

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-Generations of Grandmothers—Laura Kozy Lanik, St. Paul, MN

2nd-Conjuring a Council of Elders—Laura L Hansen From: Little Falls, MN

3rd-The Bulletin—Janice L Freytag, Souderton, PA  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st- His Name was Edward—Janice S Fuller, Webster, WI

2nd-Professional Mourner—Lynda LaRocca, Salida, CO

3rd-The Family Tree—Amy Wray Irish, Lakewood, CO

4th- Treasure Chest—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL

  1. Bring Back the Prairies Award: Judged byDr Susan Moeller

1st place-The Muse of the Prairie—Vicky A. King, Austin, MN

2nd place-Where the Earth is Not a Sphere—Mary Rudbeck Stanko, London, ON Canada

3rd place-My Countryside—Julianza Shavin, Fountain, CO  

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-A Man at Prairie’s Edge—Judith Feenstra, Maple Lake, MN

2nd- Homecoming—Lorraine Jeffery, Orem, UT

3rd-Buried on the Lone Prairie—Susan Budig, St. Louis Park, MN  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Cousins—Janice S. Fuller From: Webster, WI

2nd- Ditches—Lina Belar From: Perham, MN

3rd-South Dakota Wind—Annette Gagliardi, Minneapolis, MN

4th-uncultivated—Suzanne Swanson, St. Paul, MN  

  1. Musica Award: Judged byJ.W. Coppock

1st place- Musicorum at St. Joseph the Worker—Meredith R. Cook, Blue Earth, MN

2nd place- Morning Glories—Roger Brezina, New Prague, MN

3rd place- Breakfast Sonnet—Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-A Beacon’s Light—Steven Leitch, West Jordan, UT

2nd- Emergence—Susan McMillan, Rochester, MN

3rd- In Furious and Shameless Need I Write—Vincent O’Connor, Ely, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Jazz Paradise—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL

2nd-We Are the Wheel to Which We are Bound—Annette Gagliardi, Minneapolis, MN

3rd- Winds Becoming By: Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN

4th- Wintertime—Ed Brekke-Kramer, Fairmont, MN

  1. From the Sound of it: Judged byB.J. Alligood

1st place- From the Cabin at Evening—Walter Ralston, Sun City West, AZ

2nd place-Listening away the dark—Catherine Moran, Little Rock, AR

3rd place-Mending the Sound Barrier—Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX  

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st- The Vowels, A Warning—Alice O. Duggan, St. Paul, MN

2nd- Whistle Crack Bang Boom— Shelly Reed Thieman, West Des Moines, IA

3rd-Summer Rain, Jennifer Jesseph, Pine Island, MN  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Seldom Heard—Jan Chronister, Maple, WI

2nd- Award of Merit Thirst—Amy Wray Irish From: Lakewood, CO

3rd-On the Street Where I Live—Lucille Morgan Wilson, Des Moines, IA

4th-  Sounds Long Gone—Becky Alexander, Cambridge, ON Canada

  1. Writing Circles for Healing Award: Judged byLoretta Diane Walker

1st place- promise—Charles Patterson Curry, Apple Valley, MN

2nd place-Outremont—John Hamel, Rochester, MN

3rd place-  New Growth—Steven Leitch, West Jordan, UT

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st- A Safe Haven—Annette Gagliardi, Minneapolis, MN

2nd-Eiderdown—Lorraine Jeffery, Orem, UT

3rd-  Canyon—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st- The Hedge Cherry—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN

2nd- Reconciliation—Victor Klimoski,St. Paul, MN

3rd- My Garden—Cole W. Williams, St. Paul, MN

4th- What to Do About Loss—Mary Jo Robinson-Jamison, St. Paul, MN

  1. Steinography Award: Judged by—Steven Gillis

1st place- Meditation on Ice 9—Julianza Shavin, Fountain, CO

2nd place- Leprosy—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN

3rd place- Visitation—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

(Honorable Mentions)

1st-Finding Our Way—Jan Chronister, Maple, WI

2nd- Melancholy—Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN

3rd-  Ice Fishy—Cole W. Williams, St. Paul, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Frozen Animation—Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

2nd- These Lips—Susan McMillan, Rochester, MN

3rd- Frozen—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL

4th-Mirroring—Terry Jude Miller, Richmond, TX  

  1. Board Games Award: Judged bySteven Concert

1st place-After Supper—Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

2nd place-Senior Gaming—Maureen Baldwin, Chesterfield, MO

3rd place-Clueless—Jan Chronister, Maple, WI  

(Honorable Mentions)    1st-Sorry—Charmaine Pappas Donovan, Brainerd, MN

2nd-All the Clues—Catherine Moran, Little Rock, AR

3rd-  Board Games—Linda White, Maplewood, MN

(Awards of Merit)  

1st- What You Learn-Playing Monopoly—Mary Rudbeck Stanko, London, ON Canada

2nd-Backgammon Romance—Lucy Tyrrell, Bayfield, WI

3rd-What I Learned-Playing Risk, The Game of Global domination—Laura Kozy Lanik, St. Paul, MN

4th- Covid-19; The Game of Life—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN


  1. Southeastern MN Poet Award: Judged by—Christine Valentine

1st place- Genes—Jon Allen, Rochester, MN

2nd place- Taking Precautions—Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL

3rd place-From the hundred poems as told by the nurse—Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN  

(Honorable Mentions)  

1st-Health Plan—Meredith R. Cook, Blue Earth, MN

2nd- Exercises—Shirley Smith Franklin, Arden Hills, MN

3rd-From the Land of Enchantment—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN  

(Awards of Merit)  

1st-Unwelcome Guest—Deborah Goschy, Eagle Lake, MN

2nd- A Vow to Heal from Sexual Abuse—Laura Kozy Lanik,  St. Paul, MN

3rd- If I could Time—Matthew Feeney, Moose Lake, MN

4th-  For a Healthy Life—Sara Gipson, Scott, AR

  1. Coral Peterson Memorial Award: Judged by—Lisa Toth Salinas

1st place-I Drowsed Awake, Inventing a Cat—Micki Blenkush, St. Cloud, MN

2nd place-Garden Mess at Night—Pamela Sinicrope, Rochester, MN

3rd place-  A Forager’s Guide to Ferns—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-Sadness Strikes—Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler, Two Harbors, MN

2nd- Summer Letters—Jennifer Jesseph, Pine Island, MN

3rd-City Dawn—Julianza Shavin, Fountain, CO

(Awards of Merit)   1st-Seagull— Donna Isaac, Inver Grove Heights, MN

2nd-  Buddha, Christ and Mohamed—Henry Panowitsch, Mankato, MN

3rd-Awakening—Victor Klimoski, St. Paul, MN

4th-  The House of Wood and Stone—Ruth Keally, Watkinsville, GA

  1. Lost in Translation Award: Judged by— Amanda Gillis

1st place- Mandioca—Jenna Pashley Smith, Richmond, TX

2nd place-We Speak To Our Dog Now—Susan McMillan, Rochester, MN

3rd place- Rani in Translation—Laura L. Hansen, Little Falls, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st- The Dead Sea Scribes—Amy Wray Irish, Lakewood, CO

2nd-In Translation on Safari—Lucy Tyrrell, Bayfield, WI

3rd- Wareware—Cole W. Williams, St. Paul, MN

(Awards of Merit)   1st- Niwaki—Nancy Cook, St. Paul, MN

2nd-Love poem to my mother-in-law—Pamela Sinicrope, Rochester, MN

3rd- Prairie Parallax—Julianza Shavin, Fountain, CO

4th- The Language of Fire—Terry Jude Miller, Richmond, TX

  1. Heartland Poets Award: Judged by— Gene Twaronite

1st place-In My Beginning is My End…—Richard Ramsey, Des Moines, IA

2nd place-Still: Life—Charles Patterson Curry, Apple Valley, MN

3rd place- Time—Meridel Kahl, Duluth, MN

(Honorable Mentions)   

1st-I Wonder…—Matthew Feeney, Moose Lake, MN

2nd-You can’t rely on the narrator to finish the book for you—Peter Stein, Minneapolis, MN

3rd- Creed—Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

(Awards of Merit)   1st- DID ANYONE ASK THEM, DID THEY HAVE A CHOICE? —C.G. Thompson, Greenville, NC

2nd-Dead Language—Dr. Emory D. Jones, Luka, MS

3rd-The Disappearance of Little E—Susan Budig, St. Louis Park, MN

4th- The Cobbler—Nick Sweet,  Shepherd, TX