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The LOMPLighter: League of Minnesota Poets' Quarterly Newsletter.

The Moccasin: League of Minnesota Poets showcases the poetry of its members in this annual journal. 

Video Project: The LOMP Video Project DVD is now available for purchase. The cost is $17. 58 + $2.00  S & H. Please contact Susan Chambers with any questions on the project

Audiophile: Recordings of LOMP members reading their poetry.


Publications by League of Minnesota Poets Members.

Belly Up by Peter William Stein: Belly Up is a chapbook filled with poems of intoxication, both literally and figuratively. The poems move through the many occasions to drink both joyously and out of depression. These poems wander in and out of bars, bottles, rivers, thoughts, and characters. And, in the process, find that the world is an intoxicating place whether one looks at it half full or half empty, no matter how you look at the glass. So belly up to the bar and drink! Auto Annata 2015

Arrival and Departure by Doris lueth Stengel: "This endearing collection of poetry takes the reader off to distant times and places and returns us back again-with a renewed heart. Inspiring, haunting, joyful and whimsical, these poems continue to delight the reader through the entire book. Just a poem or two will let the reader know why Doris has become one of Minnesota's more important poets. Her work stays with you long after you've read it. So many of her poems beg to be re-read-just because of the feel-good joy of feeling her creative spirit that weaves these small masterpieces together. "Doris Stengel's poems are filled with the "Now & Then" as she slips in and out of various histories, including her own. Stengel's poems are always well-crafted and interesting; she can work in form or form a shape to fit a subject. This is a collection that holds nothing back." Joyce Sutphen, Minnesota Poet Laureate. River Place Press 2014

Dodge & Scramble by Morgan Grayce Willow“In Dodge & Scramble Morgan Grayce Willow becomes the poet-cantor of the prairie. Through the music and poetry in “Sorghum and sugar beets./ Northrup King. DeKalb./ Archer Daniels Midland” she examines memory, place, and time set on the prairie, the essence of infinity. Willow intones, “…wither us backwards into time” and “…place/that remembers itself as marshland/and longs to return.” Using myth, history, ecology, nails, sows, and winches she makes of splendid meditations and narratives a desire that is like “…some trick of magic,/of dream or good sense, that can shape/the wilderness inside us into a better garden/than the one we’ve so longed to reenter.”—Sharon Chmielarz. Ice Cube Press 2013

The Wild Branch by Lynn SorlieThis author explores the essence of events, circumstances, and individuals in her life. These moments were distilled and brought to maturity in the various forms of poetry, essay, lyrics or haiku by Lynn Sorlie. Some of these words came in a flash, while others took more time to finish. It isn’t easy writing this way, but what was learned is being passed on. Like baseball, there are many surprises and home runs are good when they happen, but a lot goes on in the game. 2013