Polaris Poets (Duluth/Superior)

You are invited to join the Polaris Poets located in the Duluth/Superior area. For meeting information contact Bethany Berry: bethanyberry@hotmail.com

The Polaris Poets’ seek to aid members in improving their poetry and encouraging others to do the same. Member strive to provide opportunities for membership, contest entry and publishing. The Polaris Poet's are committed to provide opportunities for poetry-based community outreach.

Membership dues are $5 for students and $15 for all other members.

League of Minnesota Poet membership dues ($20) shall be the responsibility of Polaris Poets members to pay separately in 2013, with the view to combine State and Chapter dues to a likely rate of $35 ($25 for students) in 2014.

As a chapter of LOMP, we are affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. This combination gives the opportunity to publish our poems, enter poetry contests, and network with other poets around the country.